What to Expect While Detoxing from Drug and Alcohol Use

What to Expect While Detoxing from Drug and Alcohol Use

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment can seem pretty intimidating. At Free By The Sea, our desire is to help patients feel less intimidated by the recovery process. Our goal is not just to focus on a patient’s history with substance abuse, but also to take into account how best they respond to medical care. Addiction recovery is not a one-size-fits-all method. There are different methods of care that work best for different individuals. One of those methods is alcohol and drug addiction detox.

What is Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox?

Detox is when a patient is gradually weaned off of a substance with the help of medicine. The medicine used helps to curb the symptoms of withdrawal so that someone can come off of drugs comfortably and successfully. As soon as a patient decides they want to take a leap of faith and pursue a life of sobriety and stability, they can start with detox should they need to do so. Once again, this all depends on the individual’s needs.

When it comes to drug addiction detox programs, we work to assess our patients from the moment they step foot into our facility. This is useful because it helps determine the severity of their addiction as it relates to their overall well-being. The purpose of this is also to be made aware of any potentially unknown medical issues someone might suffer from. As we learn more about our clients, we can better prepare them for detox placement.

Free By The Sea Can Help You!

At Free By The Sea, from the moment someone steps foot into our treatment center, our goal is to offer the best in individualized care. That being said, an assessment period begins, in which we assess the history and severity of one’s addiction. The reason that individualized care is so important to us is that each person is unique and as such requires treatment that fits their specific mold. From the moment they’re assessed, each individual is monitored with the utmost attention so as to give every person the best in individualized care.

When someone is in the initial stages of their treatment for substance abuse, it is the best time to start detox. In fact, this is the main purpose of drug addiction detox. This is due in large part to the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. When someone depends on drugs and alcohol, their body is used to operating under the influence of those substances.

The less someone uses a drug, the less dependent they become, should they fight through the symptoms of withdrawal. However, because withdrawal is so harsh, this is not always easy. Sometimes these symptoms have proven fatal in certain cases. For this reason, it is imperative to monitor one’s treatment.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our patients with the utmost in individualized care. This means providing them with a detox treatment that meets their needs. What we care most about is that patients get the most out of their detox experience. Maximizing positivity and encouraging the respectful treatment of all who come through our doors is imperative to our process.

Should I Go Through an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox Program?

Detox may be necessary if you are experiencing the following while trying to quit:

Everybody goes through and deals with their struggles differently. At Free By The Sea, we value that individuality. No one person is a carbon copy of the other, and that’s beautiful. That being said, when deciding on a form of care for one’s recovery journey, the most important thing to do is objectively assess one’s needs. When it comes to not being able to function in one’s daily life due to the dependency on drugs or alcohol, one will need to detox.

Avoid Detoxing on Your Own

Detoxing on one’s own is a dangerous thing. Some individuals try doing so without the careful supervision of a healthcare professional, and when this happens, the effects are very painful and harmful to the human body. This has the potential of influencing someone who means well to relapse. This is because the pain is immensely difficult to carry, and when this happens it is easy to start believing that substance use is the solution.

Ultimately, the goal of this process in detox treatment is to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and prevent it altogether. Often times, even the fear of circumstances beyond one’s control, like suffering from withdrawal, keeps someone from making the right decisions as it relates to their recovery. There are resources available at Free By The Sea to help individuals who are suffering from withdrawal and see no other way out. We want to help those people feel comfortable again – to feel like they’re doing something right for themselves.

Modern medicine has been making unbelievable strides throughout the past few years. It’s because of this that those suffering from substance use disorder can get the help they need from the help of professional health care physicians. For those who are hurting and feel like they’re trapped, Free By The Sea is standing by, ready, and willing to help. This way, those who thought themselves a lost cause can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

More on Detoxing at Home

Detoxing from home is not a good idea, and here’s why: detoxing by oneself is extremely dangerous and has the potential to be deadly. Oftentimes those who suffer from addiction want to help themselves by quitting cold-turkey and self-medicating.

Recovery, however, is more difficult than just quitting altogether without the supervision of a healthcare professional. But, with help from professionals, this method of treatment can prove itself quite successful in terms of one’s recovery.

Detoxing from home mostly occurs when someone decides for themselves that they want to pursue a life of sobriety. When people get to that point and stop immediately with no intention to taper, it is called “cold turkey”. The best way to recovery is not to just quit altogether; again, this could have deadly consequences. Gradual steps towards one’s goals are actually the best way to recover.

Most often people want to quit this way because they believe it is the only option for them to recover and pursue a life of sobriety. Sometimes people just don’t want to wait that long to get better; they want it now. However, this is not the best way to go about doing things. Yes, if someone is successful then they wind up recovering quickly. But what about when the risk of relapse comes into question?

There are so many risks when it comes to relapsing from home, whether it means the potential for withdrawal, relapse, or even death. Sometimes people don’t want to even entertain the cost that rehab may have on their finances or time. But they never stop to wonder what the cost may be for not recovering in a safe environment. Finances are nowhere near as significant as one’s life.

Other Methods of Treatment

Some other forms of treatment for addiction include the following:

Individualized care is at the core of what we do at Free By The Sea. We want to help people who are struggling with addiction see the light at the end of the tunnel. For some people, this means detox. For others who may not suffer from such a severe addiction, it may be necessary to consider less intense forms of treatment. Those who pertain to this particular circumstance may require Outpatient treatment, a method of care that is meant for those who suffer from mild addiction. This is just one example of how we assess those who come through our doors.

Other forms of treatment will all depend on the severity of one’s addiction, and how best they respond to certain forms of care. For example, someone who is suffering from alcohol addiction may not require detox, but they may need more holistic forms of treatment such as therapy.

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Substance abuse is a scary thing to walk through. Oftentimes fear paralyzes individuals into doing nothing at all, or it motivates them to act in dangerous ways even though they may mean well. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is step outside of our comfort zones. For many individuals, this could mean the consideration of attending treatment at one of our facilities.

At Free By the Sea, our goal is to see each of our patients through to the end of the road. Our commitment to each individual is the most important aspect of what we do. Ultimately, we want to provide them with love and understanding. Here, we can promise that your individual needs will be assessed and taken care of. If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse and want to take the next step towards a life of sobriety, you can contact us here.

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