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Sadly, just a fraction of those who struggle with alcoholism in the United States will ever seek out professional treatment. Here in the State of Washington, Free by the Sea is a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment facility that can help anyone ready to take that first step toward a new, healthy, and sober life. 

Serving the Nation, based in the Pacific Northwest.

What Is Alcoholism?

For many years, alcoholism was considered nothing more than a lack of self-control or a character flaw in an individual. Extensive research now shows that alcoholism is actually a progressive disease that will physically begin to alter one’s mind. Over time, the body will become fully dependent on alcohol and a person will not be able to control their cravings for beer, wine, or hard liquor.

Any time a person cannot control their cravings or stop drinking once they have started consuming alcohol, they are exhibiting clear signs of alcoholism. Some alcoholics will find themselves maintaining a buzz or staying drunk throughout the day while others may binge drink on weekends or when they are feeling stressed. Within a short period of time, the body will become acclimated to the amount of alcohol being consumed. This leads to the development of alcohol tolerance that will require the individual to drink more and more to achieve the same effects.

When a person is completely dependent on alcohol, signs of withdrawal begin to appear within just hours of taking the last drink. The withdrawal side effects are never identical between two people, but some of the most common symptoms include cold sweats, excessive sweating, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and nausea. If the urge to drink becomes overwhelming or is impossible to resist, then it is time to seek out immediate professional assistance.

Some may believe that treating alcoholism is as easy as not taking another drink, but these diseases are immensely complex. Alcoholics do not just have an urge to take a drink, but they will begin to lose control over their life as consuming alcohol becomes their number one priority. This inability to stop is what makes alcoholism such a dangerous medical problem. Unfortunately, those who attempt to beat their addiction without any assistance are at the highest risk of relapsing. The average person will need a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan developed by a rehabilitation professional to rebuild their life from the ground up.

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What Are the Causes and Effects of Alcoholism?

No single sign or symptom means that a person will become an alcoholic, but researchers have found that those with a family history of alcoholism are at the highest risk of developing this disease. Other factors that will put a person at risk include societal pressure, a past trauma, and mental problems. Those surrounded by alcoholism may abuse alcohol for years on end without ever realizing they have a problem.

Untreated alcoholism will lead to legal, medical, emotional, and psychological issues for almost every addict. Recent studies show that nearly 50% of all crime is now alcohol-related including robberies, assaults, homicide, and auto accidents. This disease is also directly related to liver disease, various forms of cancer, heart disease, and brain damage. On average, an alcoholic can expect this disease to decrease their life expectancy by 15 years. Alcoholism will often lead to the following:

  • Disorders that will harm the pancreas, skin, muscles, and bones
  • A weakened immune system
  • Irregular heartbeats that take place as a result of binge drinking
  • Strokes
  • Inflammation and eventually cancer of the stomach, esophagus, and mouth
  • The loss of brain cells and cognitive ability
  • Blackouts and comas
  • Damaged vision
  • A variety of sexual dysfunctions
  • Both long-term and short-term memory loss

One of the biggest risks of alcoholism involves the liver. The liver is the body’s first line of defense for filtering and breaking down the chemicals found in alcohol. The organ only has the ability to filter a limited amount of toxins within a period of time, and the ongoing consumption of alcohol will almost always cause permanent damage in the liver.

Liver damage as a result of alcohol abuse will generally progress in three distinct stages. The first stage causes the liver to become enlarged as fatty tissue penetrates the outer cells and enters the interior. If alcohol is still consumed at this stage, then the second stage generally devolves into hepatitis which will further inflame the liver. Untreated hepatitis will actually kill the liver’s cells and cause irreversible damage, and this may result in the third stage of damage which is known as cirrhosis of the liver.

Why Choose Free by the Sea?

Free by the Sea is a beautiful campus, located on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park, WA. Our community of dedicated professionals are committed to provide care to all individuals with dignity and respect. Client centered care respectful of individual needs and concerns is the foundation of our approach. We adhere to evidence-based practices which are focused on successful outcomes for long term recovery. Services provided include:

  • 77 treatment beds.
  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselors, including licensed Mental Health Therapists.
  • High quality evidence-based addiction treatment, including gambling.
  • DBT, CBT, EMDR and trauma informed treatment addresses underlying issues of addiction that include depression, anxiety, self-esteem and relationships.
  • Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Addiction education provided in groups and individual sessions
  • Twelve step meetings include celebrate recovery, wellbriety, dual disorder and AA/NA/GA
  • We offer residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care.
  • Peaceful and safe setting located on five acres facing the Pacific Ocean.
  • Multi-sport areas that include volleyball/basketball courts and an exercise room.
  • Nutritionally designed meals to restore health

Don’t Wait. Call Today.

The cycle of addiction will begin to not only harm the alcoholic, but also everyone they love. Those who do not seek treatment for their alcoholism risk losing everything, and anyone who would like to explore their options for rehabilitation services is invited to call Free by the Sea at (360) 777-7050 to find out more about how we can help.

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The staff at Free by the Sea, located in the State of Washington, is empathetic, experienced, and ready to help anyone struggling with alcoholism. Please contact us today and begin transitioning your life away from alcohol.