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Here at Free by the Sea, we understand that long-term alcohol and drug addiction often causes difficulties for individuals at home and at work. One way to overcome addiction and the challenges that come with it is to receive addiction and psychological services.

The Effects of Addiction and Mental Illness

Addiction can affect a person’s life in many ways. It can negatively impact a person’s:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Emotional and mental health
  • Physical health
  • Legal status
  • Spiritually
  • Family life
  • Career

Fortunately, individuals can recover from addiction by attending rehab at Free by the Sea. Our addiction treatment facility offers substance abuse rehab and psychological services to each patient who comes to us for help. These services are given by a knowledgeable group of professional counselors and drug and alcohol psychologists. Our counselors and psychologists create inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment plans that are personalized and effective.

psychological and addiction services

Addiction and Psychological Services

Millions of people all over the world are unknowingly battling a combination of addiction and mental illness. Unfortunately, many of these individuals don’t have anyone to help them overcome their conditions. In fact, in many cases, friends and family members overlook a loved one’s addictions and mental health problems.

Alternatively, individuals that may have noticed that they suffer from both substance use and mental health disorders may not have been able to get correct diagnoses or the long-term treatment that they needed to effectively resolve their issues. Even individuals with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues that do receive counseling for substance abuse often relapse due to not receiving aftercare treatment.

It’s important that individuals that suffer from addiction and mental illness receive the treatment that they need to become sober. To ensure that this happens, one must first receive addiction and psychological services at a professional treatment center. Then, one must proactively follow-up rehab with aftercare treatment.

Here at Free by the Sea, we offer addiction and psychological services along with aftercare treatment. Such service and treatment will help individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders achieve full recovery. Those who wish to start taking advantage of the addiction and psychological services here at Free by the Sea only need to contact our professional counselors and psychologists for a confidential evaluation.

The Importance of Addiction and Psychological Services

psychological and addiction problemMillions of individuals around the world use illegal drugs or alcohol as an escape from their daily reality. With alcohol or drugs, people can momentarily push away negative emotions and thoughts concerning personal issues and their mental health. That’s why it’s so important for every addict to talk to an alcohol and drug psychologist.

The pain of an individual’s psychiatric problems may subside for a short amount of time while using drugs and alcohol. Despite this, the pain will always come back. Because of this fact, many individuals keep returning to addictive substances to experience their numbing effects.

This repetitive pattern of addiction often slowly takes over the lives of individuals. When it does, it destroys these individuals’ relationships, finances, and hopes for the future.

However, alcohol and drugs don’t address the real issues that are affecting these individuals. As a result, whenever the addictive substances wear off, these individuals still have problems. Problems that won’t go away without professional addiction and psychological services.

Overcoming Addiction and Mental Illness Through Addiction and Psychological Services

To avoid returning to previous unhealthy thoughts and behaviors after leaving rehab, a recovering addict must attend aftercare treatment. Several effective methods exist for overcoming addiction and mental health issues. These methods include behavior modification, counseling for substance abuse, individual therapygroup therapy, and other beneficial psychological services. These methods are also designed to implement self-awareness in clients.

Individuals attending recovery programs at Free by the Sea learn about appropriate coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms are supposed to help recovering addicts manage people, places, and things that might trigger their addiction.

At Free by the Sea, we also offer individualized addiction and psychological services. These custom addiction and psychological services help those that suffer from substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously overcome both conditions.

The well-rounded model to recovery that addiction and psychological services provide helps ensure long-term results when it comes to maintaining sobriety. Also, it helps recovering individuals to learn about sober and productive lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices help make reaching sobriety goals even that much easier.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Technically, the addiction treatment program that cares for those that suffer from substance use and mental health disorders is called dual diagnosis treatment. It’s called this because there are two different types of diagnoses that are simultaneously being treated in such a program.

During dual diagnosis treatment, one receives treatment for substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously. That way, one of the lingering disorders doesn’t cause the other disorder to spark up again. For example, treating just a mental illness without treating its co-occurring substance use disorder could easily cause the substance use disorder to make further alterations to one’s brain that lends itself to sparking the re-occurrence of the mental disorder.

On the flip side, treating a substance use disorder without simultaneously treating a co-occurring mental illness could cause one to start to use substances again to cope with the continuing mental illness. Either way, it’s vital for one with co-occurring disorders to receive addiction and psychological services through a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Why Choose Free by the Sea?

Free by the Sea is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that spans over 5 beautiful acres of secluded waterfront property on the southwest coast of Washington state. This is the perfect location to get in touch with oneself and focus on receiving counseling for substance abuse.
psychological and addiction treatment at free by the sea
In addition to being in the perfect location, when attending rehab at Free by the Sea, you get to receive guidance from the most educated addiction counselors and therapists. In fact, all of the substance abuse counselors that work at Free by the Sea are certified and all of the mental health therapists are licensed. This includes every alcohol and drug psychologist.

Still, even with the most educated counselors, therapists, and psychologists guiding our addiction treatment programs, we here at Free by the Sea don’t rely on just that to ensure that our patients receive the best care. No, here at Free by the Sea, we also take measures to ensure that there is a wide variety of high-quality, evidence-based addiction treatment programs for our patients to take part in.

Addiction Therapy and Treatment Programs at Free by the Sea

Free by the Sea offers some of the top addiction and psychological services for those in need. Our addiction treatment programs include inpatient/residential and outpatient services.  We also offer therapy services including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

At Free by the Sea, we do whatever it takes to increase the chances that our patients will be able to maintain sobriety long-term after leaving our treatment programs. This includes providing addiction and psychological services that help improve various aspects of our patients’ lives. For example, because we know that assimilating back into the “real world” socially and professionally are two huge factors that affect one’s ability to remain sober after treatment, we offer life skills and career training programs to our recovering patients.

We also offer relapse prevention and aftercare 12-step support group meetings to all recovering Free by the Sea patients. This allows each of our patients to build a support network with other recovering individuals. In doing this, our clients can lean on and support one another.

Free by the Sea Amenities and Recreational Activities

When not receiving care at one of our many high-quality addiction treatment programs, patients of the Free by the Sea recovery center can take advantage of one of the many amenities or recreational activities that we provide. For example, here at Free by the Sea, we have an exercise room and multi-sport areas that include volleyball and basketball courts that our patients can take advantage of.

We even provide our patients with healthy meals every day. Thus, patients at Free by the Sea can live happy, healthy, and full lifestyles while receiving treatment at our recovery center.

Receive the Help You Need Today!

If you suffer from addiction and mental illness, you can benefit from receiving addiction and psychological services here at Free by the Sea. Without such addiction and psychological services, mental illness and substance use problems can lead to additional mental health issues. This makes it even more difficult to achieve addiction recovery.

Thus, if you suffer from addiction or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, contact us here at Free by the Sea today. Our staff is ready and available to receive your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.