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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens in Rehab?

Studies have shown that moderate to long-term stays in residential rehabilitation facilities give individuals the best chance to recover from their addictions. We offer a structured environment in which our clients feel safe and secure. Our clients are encouraged to work through the underlying problems that are often the catalysts for their addictions, including depression, anxiety, and social disorders. We recognize the importance of diagnosing and treating these problems to facilitate recovery.

What kind of staff do you have?

We provide licensed therapists, chemical dependency professionals, and educators to help our clients understand their addictions and the reasons they use drugs and alcohol.

What makes your program work?

A treatment program cannot be effective unless it addresses every aspect of an individual’s addiction. We teach life skills and coping mechanisms to help individuals avoid relapse. Unlike other facilities, Free by the Sea maintains contact with our clients after they have completed the residential treatment program.

Do you offer detox programs?

Our clinicians can assess your need for medical detox need as part of our screening process. Should you or a loved one need medical detox, we coordinate with detox facilities across the Pacific Northwest and surrounding areas and can place you or your loved one in a trusted detox facility quickly. Additionally, we provide transportation from most regional detox’s directly to our facility, so there is no lapse in service.

Why Choose Free by the Sea?

Certified Substance Abuse counselors, including licensed Mental Health Therapists.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis occurs when an addiction to drugs or alcohol is accompanied by a mental or emotional disorder. As some mental and emotional disorders can hinder a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, seeking help for the disorder is vital to overcoming the addiction.

Why should I choose Residential Treatment?

The residential treatment program is designed to provide a safe, structured living facility. This program is ideal for higher-risk individuals who may be prone to relapse.

Do you have Outpatient Care?

Our outpatient care program is designed for individuals living off campus who are working and going to school in the local community but seek to maintain sobriety through therapy and support.

What about Family Education & Support Programs?

We offer an intensive one-day family program focused on helping this vital support unit establish a foundation for successful recovery — not only for the client but the entire family.

Loved ones of addicts or alcoholics often feel angry, confused, frustrated, hurt, helpless, or hopeless. Your loved one’s addiction has left you struggling with the negative physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental impacts of their addiction. A family education program can prove invaluable in helping you realize how you can start healing from the harm that addiction has done to the life of your family.