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Free by the Sea is a rehabilitation center that cares about your health and is committed to achieving your goals and recovery needs with tenacity and dedication. We have helped many families find hope through our drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs. We accept insurance plans and offer affordable rehab services. Our team recognizes the recovery process and the difficulties that can arise. So we work to help in any way possible.

Our staff has been practicing in the addiction rehabilitation field for many years. We are aware that each of our customers has individual and specific needs in their journey to freedom. That is why we offer numerous treatments and therapeutic approaches; these rehabilitation efforts aim to meet the unique needs of our clients.

MultiPlan clients often have no problem finding excellent help through their insurance. At Free by the Sea, we strive to offer the best of care to our patients. So, if you are seeking to learn more about insurance coverage for addiction rehab, allow us to be of assistance!

Understanding MultiPlan Insurance

MultiPlan is a PPO (preferred provider organization) facilitator operating in selected regions of the United States. MultiPlan is not a company that offers insurance directly to members. Instead, clients can access MultiPlan well-being insurance through a health plan administrator or medical bill payer. MultiPlan tenders discount rates for healthcare professionals and also connect individuals with nearly one million PPO health professionals.

MultiPlan also provides services for commercial health and government programs. When somebody has insured via one of the insurers and carriers who operate with MultiPlan, their coverage is a part of the MultiPlan network.

PPO plans offer more flexibility than HMO (health maintenance organization) plans and fewer restrictions on visiting providers out of the network. A PPO can cover non-network providers and services charges; they usually do so at a reduced rate.

Do MultiPlan Provide Coverage for Substance and Alcohol Detox?

The insurance policies that are part of the MultiPlan network cover a wide range of services. The range of treatments for substance and alcohol addiction has increased significantly by many insurance companies since the Affordable Care Act went into effect. The Affordable Care Act requires Marketplace coverage plans to insure mental health and substance abuse treatment as essential health services.

If you or a loved one has insurance through organizations that are members of the MultiPlan network, you may get coverage not only for drug and alcohol detoxification but also for other addiction treatment forms, including the following:

Benefits of MultiPlan in the Treatment of Addictions

While MultiPlan is not a health insurance facility, it has established a healthcare insurance products and programs network. For example, direct insurers can utilize the MultiPlan network to offer PPO cover to their clients. By concluding a contract with MultiPlan, insurers gain access to a wider network of suppliers.

In terms of treatment for drug abuse, addiction, and mental health, the coverage you may qualify for depends on the network, the state you reside in, and your plan. With PPO healthcare insurance, you often have the option to partner with the provider of your choice without a referral. Bear in mind that you may need to pay some money out-of-pocket.

If you want to know more about your coverage options regarding MultiPlan, you can reach out to your insurance provider. You can also speak with us here at Free by the Sea. We’d be more than happy to assist you in any way we can concerning your treatment and payment options.

Will MultiPlan Provide Cover for Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Since MultiPlan is not a direct healthcare insurance company, it may not technically provide coverage for stays for addiction treatment. But addiction treatment facilities that are members of their network can get covered if the plan is a MultiPlan part. There exist two factors that regulate how much substance addiction treatment gets covered:

  • What you have to pay for yourself
  • Where you reside

Many insurance plans take care of part or the full cost of addiction treatment, and Free by the Sea works with many of the largest insurers in the US.

Navigate the Network of MultiPlan Insurance

MultiPlan has around 890,000 healthcare professionals under contract. Also, approximately 70 million individuals currently have access to MultiPlan’s network services. Around 40 million requests are reduced each year, thanks to the insurer’s non-network and network solutions.

This insurer based in New York offers regional networks of PPOs in the Southwest and Wisconsin. It specializes in government and corporate health plans and provides solutions for employee benefits and auto-related therapeutic bills.

MultiPlan clients often have no problem finding excellent health services through their insurance plans. At Free by the Sea, we major in helping our patients work with their insurance to see which substance use disorder treatment programs their insurance covers. Contact us for assistance in navigating this vast network.

Rehabilitation Costs

Free by the Sea accepts most main PPO plans to cover the treatment cost. We have years of expertise operating with insurance corporations and will take care of all exchanges to determine your cover details. Our facility works directly with the insurance corporation so that you can center your attention and energy on treatment and recovery. The rehabilitation cost at Free by the Sea is based on the client’s amount of care, treatment plan, and individual necessities.

Free by the Sea partners with most PPO insurance covers to help offset treatment costs, including MultiPlan. The insurance plan can cover a variety of treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, and dual diagnosis. You can submit your information here for insurance verification. We will certainly do our best to offer you affordable and effective care.

Does MultiPlan Cover the Entire Addiction Treatment Stay?

Since MultiPlan is not a direct health insurance policy, it may not cover accommodation for addiction treatment. But addiction treatment facilities that are part of the MultiPlan network can be covered provided your plan is MultiPlan associated. Where you reside, and your insurance plan will determine how much addiction treatment is reimbursed and how much you must pay from your pocket.

The majority of insurance plans cover various or the entire addiction treatment cost, and Free by the Sea works with numerous country’s primary insurers.

How the Benefits of Your MultiPlan Cover Addiction Management

If you call Free by the Sea Center and inform us that you possess MultiPlan insurance, we will start with a comprehensive review of your plan. A staff member will look to see if you are insured for mental health and behavioral services (for example, substance abuse and addiction treatment). We will also find out how long you are covered for the addiction treatment (a month, 2 or 3 months, etc.). Also, we will find out how much you may need to pay out-of-pocket.

Understanding what your MultiPlan policy covers can open more options and provide you the info you require to make an informed decision. What we will do next is determine which substance and alcohol addiction programs work best for you, keeping your needs and your financial situation in mind. Do you prefer to continue receiving outpatient or inpatient care, or do you opt to get out of your present bubble? We will strive to provide you with the care you need at this time.

After you have chosen an addiction treatment center to begin substance treatment or an alcohol treatment program of your choice, you can begin your treatment!

Understanding Alcohol and Substance Detoxification Coverage

When it comes to finding a cure for drug abuse, many individuals immediately think of hospital rehabilitation, therapy, and other management process sections. However, for most individuals, the path to recovery starts with detox. This process is the initial step to an addiction-free life.

People who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol often find it difficult to stop using the drugs they have been utilizing for some time. The reason being that they have become accustomed to operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Therefore, when individuals try to stop using these drugs, their body experiences a lot of intense and bothersome symptoms. This is referred to as withdrawal, and the signs and symptoms may be very hard to treat.

At times the withdrawal process may also be dangerous if people suddenly try to stop using drugs. That’s why professional detoxification programs are so significant. People who enroll in detox programs can quit substance use in a much easier and safer way.

After detoxification from alcohol or substance use, many people switch to residential (inpatient) treatment programs. At this time, individuals develop the abilities they require to avoid relapse. They feel more comfortable without the use of drugs and grow interpersonal skills. Some can then join an outpatient plan as they progress to a life outside of medication.

In case you or your loved one requires addiction treatment, it is best to learn how your insurance provider can assist you to cover the charges of the treatment. Again, since MultiPlan is not an insurance firm, it may not provide direct coverage for treatments. However, insurance corporations that partner with MultiPlan can provide the best partial cover for detoxification and treatment services.

Free by the Sea is Here to Serve You

Free by the Sea recommends that you choose healthcare center-aligned with your standards, which surpasses your principles of care. This means a rehabilitation center with extensive client-centered programs equipped to help recover from co-occurring conditions for most customers.

At Free by the Sea, we understand the challenges you face and are passionate about offering safe and reliable care in a productive and healthy environment. Our team’s dedication is to help you determine which recovery path is perfect for you. Free by the Sea facility accepts key health insurance covers and welcomes new clients to our inpatient and outpatient programs every day. Contact us today for any help regarding your MultiPlan insurance.