Art Therapy

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Each week, our residents are given the opportunity to explore their personal creativity by taking a moment to settle in, relax and enjoy the freedom that often comes with tapping into the artist within. Everyone is encouraged to set aside any judgement and get curious about how they feel during the process of creating. The time spent in art therapy is meant to be fun and meaningful.


Our clients are given the opportunity to reflect on the person they become when they are in active addiction, compared to the person they are when they are walking in recovery. A collage is created and placed on a face mask to serve as inspiration and hope.

Life Vision Tiles

Each client is asked to reflect on what they would like their future to look like and they cut out images to create a collage of their life goals, dreams and aspirations.


Acrylics are often bright, bold and beautiful. Various sized canvases are provided and our clients are encouraged to settle and have fun while creating an image of their choice.