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Addiction can be a stressful and unfortunate scenario for you and your family. It is important to be able to get the proper care and help for your drug addiction. One of the biggest burdens of addiction treatment is the large cost. There are many costs and arrangements to consider when getting treatment for substance use disorders. Luckily, there is possible financial help in the form of HMA insurance.

Good insurance can not only cover some of the costs but can free you of some financial burdens along the way. Free by the Sea encourages you to weigh out your options before moving forward with drug addiction treatment. No matter the cost, it’s important to get the recovery treatment you deserve for a better future for you and your family.

Health Management Administrators (HMA) is just one of many insurance providers that’s able to help you get the necessary treatment. It may be helpful to learn more about some of the benefits and opportunities HMA can provide for your addiction treatment. Free by the Sea will be by your side every step of the way to help you with your process as well.

The Importance of Getting Help

Before looking into the financials of the situation, it’s important to identify the real issue at hand. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die due to drug abuse and addiction. Just as much suffer from mental illnesses or co-occurring disorders. Over time, these symptoms begin to take a toll on a person’s mind and life. It’s important to look at the problems drugs and addiction has caused you or a loved one.

At Free by the Sea, we want to help you get to a better place and a better future. One of the elements that may make you hesitant is the financial burden. At the end of the day, the cost of living and a healthier, cleaner life outweighs any price. However, we completely understand the financial strains drug addiction treatment can cause. Luckily your insurance provider may be able to cover some of the cost. HMA and other insurance providers typically have services dedicated to mental health and addiction treatment.

With a little extra help, you can focus more on recovering from addiction than seeing how you’ll pay for it. At the end of the day, money is something that always returns but some of the drug’s effects can be permanent if left untreated. Verify with your insurance provider to see if they cover addiction treatment.

A Closer Look at Health Management Administrators (HMA)

HMA has been in the healthcare industry for several years now and has provided insurance services to millions of Americans. HMA can cover some of the most necessary addiction treatment processes out there today. As an established healthcare provider, there is plenty of access and opportunity when it comes to addiction treatment and mental health coverage.

This health insurance provider prides itself on providing healthcare to millions of people, including those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. HMA is the largest provider in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. This includes access to quality physicians and other resources. This also includes drug addiction treatment among other services.

Reviewing Your Policy

At Free by the Sea, we’ll help you determine some of the things that HMA or other insurance providers, will be able to help you with. These include the following assessments of your insurance:

  • How long you’re able to attend a certain program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Which drug rehab centers you are eligible to attend
  • The level of care that will be covered by HMA

We’ll be able to see what expenses are covered by your HMA plan as well as determining how affordable treatment will be for you. It’s always important to have a proper understanding of how much is covered and what will be paid out of pocket. Let us help you see what your insurance can and cannot cover. Check out our insurance verification page and one of our wonderful team members will get back to you shortly.

HMA Detox and Treatment Coverage

In almost every case of drug addiction, detox will be the very first step before treatment truly begins. Detox is a process that purges the body completely of all drugs and alcohol.  Detox will be more expensive in an inpatient rehab center than an outpatient center. As far as treatment goes, this will vary from person to person. Since therapy is usually involved in the process, this too will be more expensive in an inpatient facility and an outpatient one.

HMA may be able to cover some of the expenses of medical detox and some treatment. This depends upon the health plan that was picked. With most insurance costs, HMA’s coverage depends on how long you intend on staying at a facility (or length of your treatment).

HMA Mental Health Coverage

Mental health may be something to factor in if you or a loved one is suffering from a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders) occurs when someone is dealing with both a mental health disorder and an addiction. Cases of co-occurring disorders are more intensive and cost much more. HMA may be able to cover some of the costs for both mental health and addiction treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Coverage

Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment are the main two options for addiction treatment. Inpatient treatment has someone staying in a facility every day, all day. Inpatient treatment is much more expensive since you are staying at an actual facility.

Outpatient treatment allows for more flexibility in your home life. Outpatient treatment requires you to attend weekly meetings in a rehab center without having to live there (for the time being). This is a great option for those who have a job or maybe attending school. HMA offers insurance for many different occupations so look out for that.

HMA may be able to cover some (if not all) of the cost depending on what type of treatment you or a loved one is enrolling in. Even if inpatient treatment is too costly, outpatient treatment is always an option. This may vary from case to case (as outpatient treatment may not be right for more intense cases). Regardless of which one is better for you, HMA can drop some of the costs with comprehensive insurance programs.

Options for Paying If Your Insurance Provider Doesn’t Cover Treatment

At Free by the Sea, we understand that financial limitations can be a deal-breaker for addiction treatment. However, we want to make sure you get the treatment and attention you deserve. Everyone deserves to live a better life free of addiction. At Free by the Sea, we want to make sure you get the right treatment. Our staff will try to match you with the best treatment option that will match your price range.

We recommend looking around for other options if your insurance provider doesn’t cover the specific treatment option you are interested in. There are other opportunities and ways to pay for treatment. These include:

  • Loans
  • SAMHSA Grant
  • Crowdfunding or fundraising
  • Be honest and ask for help (family, friends)
  • Government and State-funded programs/grants

There are many different ways to pay for treatment down the line, just make sure to check your current insurance provider to see all possible benefits. HMA is just one of many insurance providers that can ease the financial burden of treatment. Everyone deserves to live a better life in the future. Don’t wait to get the treatment you and your family deserve.

How Free by the Sea can Help You

We understand how crippling addiction can be for you and your loved ones. Addiction and mental health disorders can completely consume a person. From health complications to mental problems, addiction can completely shatter a person’s world. At Free by the Sea, we offer a number of trusted and effective treatment options for both spectrums. We offer benefits from several insurance providers including HMA and others. Don’t let financial burden stop you from getting comprehensive treatment.

With a wonderful and passionate staff of clinicians and therapists, you are in good hands at Free by the Sea. Let us help you towards a better and brighter future. Don’t wait to get professional help. Take the first step right now for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment options and addiction resources.