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Free by the Sea is one of the most recognized addiction treatment programs in the country. We offer ongoing rehabilitation services to both men and women in the State of Washington.  But not just in the Washington State!  We offer rehabilitation services to the entire Pacific Northwest and nationwide to those who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

What Makes Free by the Sea Stand Apart from Other Addiction Treatment Centers?

Free by the Sea offers treatment programs specifically tailored to fit each individual’s needs. Our program goes above and beyond what other programs do to provide our patients with the best possible care to be able to heal physically and rebuild their personal lives.

Our Mission Is Simple: Find Recovery, Celebrate Life, and Achieve Success

Success is not measured in a “one size fits all” manner. Instead, it is measured differently for everyone. At Free by the Sea, we encourage people to take a good look at themselves and learn how they can become who they truly want to be. When you’re trapped in the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, asking for help can be a frightening, humbling, and necessary experience. Our dedicated staff understands the difficult struggle people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse face and work tirelessly to help each individual who enters our program receive the best possible treatment. Free by the Sea can give you more than just freedom from your addiction. We provide hope and support to anyone who wants to turn their life around and begin their future with a fresh start.

What Is Treatment?

Treatment centers are comprehensive healthcare facilities designed to provide long-term recovery and rehabilitation for individuals suffering from a variety of disorders, including substance abuse and chemical dependency and mental illness. There are many different types of rehabilitation programs, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our program offers the following:

  • An extensive initial interview and evaluation for all types of chemical dependency, substance abuse, and any related mental or behavioral health problems
  • A customized treatment plan
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Around-the-clock supervision and support
  • Anti-relapse strategies and resources
  • Family time (when possible)
  • Education
  • Life skills classes
  • Required credentials and experience for all faculty and staff

Free by the Sea takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation. We create individualized plans to fight addiction and develop strategies for long-term growth and lasting success. Our therapists and staff members work closely with individuals to help ensure their recovery from the following:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Chemical dependency (drug and alcohol addiction)
  • Emotional trauma
  • Dealing with depression
  • Pain
  • Physical abuse
  • Coping with loss and death
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Family conflicts
  • Self-deprecation

Through both individual counseling sessions and group therapy, participants work on developing an awareness of the negative patterns and behaviors that have contributed to their self-destructive actions. However, this is merely half of the battle. After their negative behaviors have been identified, individuals in our programs will set goals for themselves for the type of person they want to become and what they hope to achieve in the future. Once our patients have a new purpose in life and an improved sense of self-worth, we encourage them to utilize certain tools we provide to help meet these goals. One such tool is developing life skills. Free by the Sea takes pride in the community of accountability, responsibility, and encouragement that we have worked hard to create to help each person who enters our program during their journey to recovery.

The length of your stay will depend on the type of treatment needed. In certain cases, our therapists may recommend an extended stay if they feel that it will be most beneficial to the recovery process.

Located in the State of Washington, Free by the Sea is one of the top substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States. This nationally recognized facility provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for both men and women. At Free by the Sea, our goal is to treat the mind, body, and spirit to restore the health of individuals suffering from substance abuse and the relationship with their families.

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