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Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is a daunting challenge that requires dedication and strength. About one in 12 adults in the United States suffers from alcoholism. 8% of Americans aged 12 and above use drugs. Many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction feel alone in their illness, but this addiction is treatable.

Free by the Sea, located in Washington State, is ready to help you get the information and expert support you need to begin your recovery journey. Free by the Sea offers a wide range of resources and support for addicts to start their lives. Let us explore how First Health Insurance can help treat substance addiction.

First Health Insurance Coverage

It is not always easy to navigate your insurance coverage. In terms of rules, deductibles, in-network providers, copay costs, insurance is continuously changing. If you change plans, you must start over to determine what it covers. At Free by the Sea, we believe that one main thing you should bear in mind is knowing how to cater for your treatment when fighting addiction.

If you or someone in your family suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, Free by the Sea is the right place for you. There is no better period than the present to start your recovery journey, and we urge you to start it right away. Finding funding for rehab coverage or worrying about insurance coverage should not hinder you from getting medication.

Free by the Sea aims to help you decide what your insurance plan covers. Below is information about First Health’s rehabilitation coverage for mental health disorders, detox, and addiction.

The First Health Insurance for Alcohol and Substance Medication

First Health Insurance Network covers internal and external rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction. The coverage firm has in-network suppliers in all 50 states. Almost 95% of Americans reside within 20 miles of their First Health care provider.

If you require care beyond your regular doctor visit, substance abuse treatment counseling, go to the hospital, or receive mental health or visit a specialist. First Health may help you locate a provider or center in your area. Given that residential rehab services are not always close to households, many individuals choose medication centers in neighboring states.

You must have the capability to go through the details of your plan. Check if it covers drug and alcohol treatment once you access your First Health coverage account online. If you cannot find the information you require, we recommend that you contact your insurance company. However, at Free by the Sea, we are ready to assist you in understanding their policy. You can find details about First Health’s rehabilitation coverage below.

We Help You Go Through and Understand Your First Health Insurance Policy

At Free by the Sea, we acknowledge every major insurance plans, including outpatient programs, for detoxification and First Health Network. It can be challenging to know what your plan covers. Health coverage policies have a tendency to include unclear language, particularly for a form of treatment you haven’t had before. This could be drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Free by the Sea’s devotion is to help you and your loved ones go through your insurance policies and find reasonable treatment solutions so you can get your lives back on track.

How Do The Treatment Center Policies Work?

First Health is the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), meaning that policyholders may visit any local state sponsor. The insurance company covers addiction treatment, which includes medication centers.

It is essential to understand that the coverage level will be subject to your specific plan, the type of medication you receive, and the scope of your medicine. For instance, your policy may cover several outpatient therapies each year. It may also cover a particular number of inpatient rehab days or a certain amount for a specific religion.

However, if your plan covers only fixed-term accommodation, that does not mean that you will not receive rehab medication. In general, irrespective of what your coverage policy covers, Free by the Sea firmly recommends choosing a more reliable treatment program. A program that complies with your needs, and we may help you find a bill settlement solution for you.

Should it be In-Network?

Although First Health Network covers medication for mental health disorders and addictions, the insurance amount will rely on your plan and whether the medication center (or service provider) is in a network.

First Health Insurance creates an easy way for its members to get care within their preferred network of service providers. But what if you would like to contact therapy from a facility that is not a member of the network? First Health’s plan solutions have a program that ensures that individuals can acquire at least a certain form of cover outside of the PPO network.

This is through the classification of providers and services as “a secondary network, primary network, or an out-of-network deal. You will get more coverage for anything known as a core network; however, you still need the option to search for it in a different place.

About the First Health Insurance for Detoxification

Detoxification is a medically essential first step to recovery for most individuals. Clients requiring detoxification are strongly advised to recover with the assistance of a facility’s clinical supervision. However, the 2008 Act of Mental Health and Addiction Equality covers legal ethics and drug use.

In case your First Health Insurance PPO encompasses detoxification, you may need to pay a deductible. This means that your plan will only cover your share after spending a certain amount of out-of-pocket costs. It is a safe idea to look with your coverage firm to ensure you have already reached your deductible.

First Health Insurance Covers for Inpatient

Inpatient medication is a demanding and structured form of addiction therapy, including rehabilitation and detoxification. For most addicts, group sessions, daily psychotherapy, clinical support, and an inclusive inpatient medication environment are essential for their healing. Generally, First Health Network insurance policies cover inpatient programs, especially if you go to a medication center.

In many cases, First Health will look into the doctor’s recommendations to determine hospital treatment issues to get covered by an inpatient. To kick off this process, we may be subject to “prior approval.” This means your doctor will evaluate your ailment and recommend the length of stay for rehab.

Covering the Drug Abuse Policy at First Health

Again, the level of cover provided by the insurance company is reliant on your existing policy. However, your First Health Insurance plan will likely cover at least a part of the costs of the time you spend in a medication center. Regardless of whether it is for residential rehaboutpatient treatment, or detoxification.

This generally includes drug tests, hospitalization regarding medications, diagnoses, clinical evaluations, and other laboratory work you might need as a section of your prescription. Besides, you may receive cover for a co-occurring psychological health ailment and family support therapy.

First Health Insurance for Mental Health Medication

Lots of individuals have a mental illness, and it is especially prevalent with those who suffer from addiction. In some instances, individuals turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with conditions related to mental health. In other people, psychological problems are the result of drug use. As pointed out above, insurance companies cannot distinguish the types of illnesses they cover. This means that the federal government must provide mental health coverage.

First Health Network covers mental health medication and substance abuse treatment, including family therapy, group therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy. Most of the Free by the Sea clients have a co-occurring disorder (or dual diagnosis), which means they suffer from addiction and a form of mental illness. This dual diagnosis therapy program helps clients overcome addiction while treating depressionanxiety, or trauma-related disorders.

We Help You Understand Your Insurance Benefits

The language of health insurance policies is difficult to understand, and addiction medication is urgent. Do not let a complicating insurance plan hinder your medication. If you have inquiries about what your policy may be or not covering, feel welcome to contact Free by the Sea. We can help you learn the extent to which you can get covered by your drug treatment plan.

Treatment Services Promise

When selecting an alcohol and drug rehab center, we recommend offering client-centered programs (comprehensive). These are equipped to treat mental health and drug abuse disorders that occur concurrently.

Free by the Sea provides reliable and high-quality medication in each step of your healing. This includes partial recovery programs (PHP), inpatient, and outpatient (IOP) detoxification, and outpatient (OP) rehabilitation.

Free by the Sea team has been aiming to offer the best, and our care originates from a position of compassion. Our dedication is towards working with our clients to choose the medication plan that will treat them more effectively. Free by the Sea welcomes new clients daily, and we invite you to start medication with our team here in Washington State.

If you have queries regarding your First Health Network plan, anything else related to starting treatment, or how to cater for the rehab fee, please contact us.

We are linked with several health insurance companies to offer preferential care and accept significant insurance policies. Call us or complete the appropriate insurance verification pro forma to learn more about Free by the Sea coverage for drug abuse treatment.