Drug Detox in Salem – What to Expect

Drug Detox in Salem – What to Expect

Addiction is a disorder that alters the brain chemistry and is the same neurological processes responsible for food cravings, sex, and other pleasurable things that kick off the drug cravings in habitual users. This is why it is vital that addicts are weaned off of the drugs before they can move onto a treatment program. While drug detox in Salem may use different methods to other clinics it is essential for every single addict to embark on detoxification.

Detoxification is painful and can be incredibly difficult but it is necessary, even an addict with the best intentions cannot apply themselves fully to recovery if they are still physically dependant on drugs. Addicts must understand the nature and importance of detox to allow them to make the right choices regarding their treatment.

  1. 1. Analysis

Addicts have to be tested to find out how much of the drug is still in their bodies. Once this assessment is made the medical staff can determine the length of detox required and the medication that should be used.

  1. 2. Drug Deprivation

Weaning the addict off of the drug is the primary purpose of detoxification, and to ensure that the addict has stopped consuming the substance completely. Under supervision the addict is deprived of the drug/s that has controlled their lives.

  1. 3. Withdrawal

It is likely that the majority of addicts will go through painful withdrawal as their cravings go unsatisfied. They may experience the sweats, heart palpitations, nausea and sickness. It is likely that they will also experience mental and emotional changes such as depression, panic etc. The pain of withdrawal though is the first step to recover.

  1. 4. Rapid Detox

Detox can last for up to 2 weeks this is most common with severe additions which could lead to adverse and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. To alleviate these dangers a number of specialists have begun to give opiate blockers and other drugs to speed up the detox process, and patients can then experience day’s worth of withdrawal in just hours.

Whilst detox is a painful experience it is the first step towards a drug free future, and by choosing the right treatment program you can reclaim your life

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