7 Reasons Why You Should Travel for Rehab Instead of Attending a Local Rehab Center

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel for Rehab Instead of Attending a Local Rehab Center

One of the hardest decisions for an addict can be choosing the right rehab center. There are so many different things to consider when looking for the right place. Fortunately, there are a lot of different rehab programs to choose from. Each has its own resources and offers a variety of services. As someone looking for help, you have the option to look towards a local rehab center or one out of state.

While it is a tall task, sometimes you have to be honest with yourself. It’s important to understand that moving out of state or going far away for a rehab center may be worth it. At the end of the day, the main goal is to take care of your addiction to a place that will suit you. Sometimes in order to do this, you have to look past your local rehab center. Believe it or not, there are many benefits to traveling for rehab.

When it comes to cost, people may be hesitant to attend in the first place. However, these constraints may lead to looking for more local options. The truth is that those looking for addiction treatment should weigh out all advantages to traveling for treatment. There are a lot of things to consider and to keep in mind before jumping into a program. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of traveling for rehab.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

Before getting into the benefits of traveling for rehab, it’s important to look at things to consider when searching. One of the main things to think about is your home life. If you are in an enabling or toxic environment, going back home can do more harm than good. Sometimes you need an escape or a brand new environment to truly recover. In a negative or toxic household, the chances of relapse can skyrocket, which is the last thing you want when recovering. The Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

Cost is another thing to consider. If you are a little skeptical of having to travel, remember the benefits that are involved in traveling to rehab. Additionally, it’s important to know that there is no true cost to getting the help you deserve. At the end of the day, money can be replenished, but the negative health conditions and possible consequences of addiction cannot.

1. Traveling Allows for a New Perspective

One of the benefits of traveling, in general, is being in a brand new environment and experiencing a whole new view. If you choose a rehab center that requires some travel you are able to reinforce the importance of your recovery. Completely distancing yourself from your home can be an essential step to truly recovering. Having to travel a reasonable distance for recovery should push the idea that this is an important and big change in your life.

Societal and relationship factors should also be considered. Moving to a new location can help you distance from old friends that use drugs or family stresses. While going to a local rehab would be convenient, you are still at risk of falling back into old habits with others. This gives you a chance to start a fresh, new life. Creating a sober identity can be possible with some space between your current struggles and your recovery.

2. It Stops Impulsive Behavior

Impulsive and risky behaviors are common in those who are struggling with drug addiction. Even during treatment, some might fall back into their impulsive, on-the-spot behaviors. Unfortunately, a handful of addicts usually quit before their treatment is over. This can be blamed on this impulsive and careless behavior. Drug addiction treatment is a tough road and many can be easily swayed off the wrong back.

By going to a local rehab center or staying close to home, someone with impulsive behavior may be more inclined to quit or give up on the program. By traveling, you force yourself to explore more options and stick to the program without easily falling back into old habits. Eliminating the impulsive behavior can be a terrible situation and backtrack treatment a lot.

3. Traveling for Rehab Helps Promote Privacy

Getting addiction treatment can sometimes be an embarrassing or shameful situation for the person. However, it’s important to know that getting help is nothing to be ashamed of. With this in mind, many may not be comfortable with sharing this news with other people. Some are concerned that it may affect their reputation or job status if people knew about their addiction. Perhaps, gossip or rumors might affect a person’s children or spouse as well.

By traveling to a rehab that’s out of state, you can maintain your privacy in peace. Additionally, no matter what rehab center you decide you attend, the counselors and therapists are legally obligated to keep everything you say confidential. While you should never be ashamed to reach out for help, we recognize and understand that privacy may be preferred in cases like this.

4. It May Give you Access to Higher-Quality Treatment and Care

local rehab centerWhen it comes to getting drug addiction treatment, you want to attend the rehab center that is going to give you the best treatment. Additionally, a rehab facility that fits your needs and addiction. Sometimes, this specific treatment cannot be found in your local rehab center. Don’t be discouraged if your desired rehab center seems far, it may be worth your time to attend.

Depending on the specific condition you have (co-occurring disorders, trauma survivors, eating disorders, etc.), a rehab center may be more personalized for you. Especially for more severe cases of co-occurring disorders (when a person is struggling with drug addiction and a mental illness). Also for rare cases, it is essential to get proper treatment even if you travel a little farther. Make sure to do your research and ask questions to find out which rehab center will work best for you.

5. Traveling Helps Lower the Chances of Enabling

Enabling occurs when a friend or family member does not establish any consequence for your drug use. While they may be trying to help, they may unintentionally enable the person to continue using substances. In many cases of drug addiction, a person may develop codependent relationships with close family members or spouses.

Enabling can cause many issues down the road if a person doesn’t get help. A vicious circle can begin to develop with constant urges to continue using. If a person is being enabled during treatment, this can stop recovery altogether (potentially, even backtrack). Traveling gives you the ability to remove yourself from a situation that might be enabling you to continue using alcohol or drugs.

6. The Chance to Self-Reflect

With the many distractions around us, it can be tough to focus on what’s important. By having to travel to a rehab center for treatment, you are able to focus on yourself. Sometimes taking a big step back can be a huge eye-opener. This can help us develop skills and understand our addiction in a new light in our own mind. Self-reflection is often lost in the pile of responsibilities we may be dealing with. 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel for Rehab

Work, school, kids, or spouses take up much of our attention at times. While these things are necessary for happiness, they can take away from focusing on ourselves. When you are traveling and getting the treatment you can take time to reflect on yourself. Understanding your feelings and addiction is vital to success in recovery.

7. Avoids Triggers and Promotes Sobriety

Triggers can come in many forms, whether it’s a place, a person, or even a sound. Certain elements can cause uncontrollable cravings within a recovering individual. This can be a complicated and potentially negative situation. This is especially true if the person is just starting out recovery. Many triggers are usually found in and around a person’s home.

When you are traveling to rehab, you completely steer clear of all these triggers. If you are able to start fresh, you can live clear of triggers completely. While it is not an easy road ahead, having fewer complications to worry about is always a good thing. As a recovering addict, you want to avoid relapse at all costs.

The Importance of Getting Help

Regardless of whether you are looking for a local rehab center or a far away rehab, the most important thing is getting help. Thousands of people are struggling with health, mental, and social complications because of their addiction. It is absolutely crucial to get help before it’s too late.

At Free by the Sea, our experienced staff is ready to help you towards a bright future. With several options for treatment, we offer the best just for you. Don’t wait, let us help you towards recovery today. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and get access to all our addiction resources.

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