The Dangers Of Rainbow Fentanyl

The Dangers Of Rainbow Fentanyl

Fentanyl is dangerous enough as it stands without adding rainbow fentanyl to the mix. Add the fact that it can be disguised as candy and you have a lethal cocktail that can pose a threat to young adults and minors. Any unusual pills that look like candy should be treated as a potential drug threat.

Knowing the rainbow pill’s characteristics and how to combat abuse of the substance could save you or a loved one’s life. Heed the warnings explained in this piece without delay. Bearing these thoughts in mind, here is everything you need to know about the rainbow pill and the dangers of fentanyl abuse.

What Is Rainbow Fentanyl?

pills looks like candy

Fentanyl is a highly potent sedative of the opioid family that poses an extreme danger of overdose. So much so that it has rapidly become the leading cause of death in the United States in young and middle-aged adults according to recent statistics.

The ‘rainbow’ appearance is simply another masking feature that attempts to keep it from being detected as a drug. More specifically, the color is often bright, making it stand out among the rest. Its colorful appearance does not dilute its potency.

In fact, its rainbow form often has inconsistent, varying degrees of potency that are dangerously unpredictable to the user. Its friendly-looking appearance as traditional candy makes it highly susceptible to children and young adults. Take caution if you notice an unusual rainbow pill that appears to be a candy edible or looks out of place.

What Are The Affects Of Rainbow Fentanyl

The rainbow pill has the same effects as any other fentanyl-based drug. However, the deception of the appearance can leave anybody, and in some rare cases unsuspecting individuals susceptible to its effects. Therefore, the user’s experience will be accompanied by varying effects depending on how their body reacts. Each one of these effects can have long-term consequences for your overall health. Here are a few of the ways fentanyl use can affect you.

Severe Disorientation

The rainbow pill’s disorienting effects can be uncomfortably severe. This includes utter confusion or distortion of your circumstances and surroundings. This means you can be oblivious to all objects and people. In turn, this degree of disorientation can induce panic that can result in bodily distress.

Labored or Difficulty Breathing

People under the influence are often reported to have difficulty or labored breathing. This symptom of fentanyl use can lead to cornucopias’ physical and mental consequences due to the body’s lack of oxygen levels. This alone can be fatal, especially when coupled with unconsciousness. If you have or are experiencing difficulty breathing due to fentanyl abuse, reach out to a medical expert now.

Extreme Weariness

The rainbow pill, as with any form of fentanyl, has heavily sedative effects that induce extreme tiredness. This is due to the severe drop in blood pressure and heart rate. This can render the user oblivious to circumstantial awareness. In extreme cases, this can lead to bodily shock and distress.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Fentanyl ingestion has adverse effects on short-term and long-term gut health. This is due to the body’s chemical reaction to the presence of fentanyl that throws your body off kilter. In the short term, it can cause extreme constipation while under the influence.

Adversely, any dependency can drastically alter your gastrointestinal habits, bacteria, and overall gut health. Speak to a doctor today if you are experiencing any gastrointestinal distress related to fentanyl use.

Fentanyl Dependency

Fentanyl dependency is easy to acquire even after one use. That’s because after your body is exposed to this foreign agent, it adapts to the presence of the rainbow pill by producing bodily chemicals that crave the drug. This is also why fentanyl is strictly recommended under the proper and careful administration and monitoring as prescribed by a trained medical specialist.

Deep Comatose

Fentanyl abuse can often render the user unconscious. This is also a potential symptom of overdose. This is why many who become a victim of fentanyl overdose have been found dead in their sleep. If you begin to feel unusually drowsy or notice somebody exhibiting signs of abnormal comatose, contact the appropriate officials immediately. A caring therapist and doctor can save the life of you or a loved one showing extreme signs of fentanyl use.

Vomiting and Nauseousness

Nausea and vomiting are among the most common signs of opioid, fentanyl, and rainbow pill use. This is especially true for first-time users and individuals experiencing symptoms of overdose. Don’t disregard this symptom as a normal side-effect as it can have lethal consequences. Take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and furthermore rid yourself of the dangerous habit of opioid abuse. Speak to a sympathetic recovery specialist today to cleanse your life of your strongholds and begin life anew.

How Is Fentanyl Dangerous?

rainbow pill

Fentanyl is dangerous for a variety of reasons. The most obvious perhaps is how little it takes to overdose. In perspective, heroin overdose takes a higher dose than the even more potent sister fentanyl. Even the smallest dose of fentanyl can result in lethal consequences.

In addition, its highly addictive properties can induce dependency even after a single use. Once a dependency on fentanyl is developed, do not attempt recovery on your own as this can be as equally harmful and even lethal. It takes guidance, knowledge, and monitoring of a trained professional to gradually drive away your addiction.

To add insult to injury, the rainbow pill version of fentanyl poses an even greater risk for its stealth design. This is due to its colorful appearance that can be mistaken for candy or other sweets. If you suspect a rainbow pill or candy-like substance to be fentanyl, contact local authorities immediately.

Even worse, having a fentanyl addiction is like flipping a coin with your life. Each dose poses a risk of losing your life. Don’t become another statistic of what is now the leading cause of death in young and middle-aged adults. Let Free By The Sea free you from the lethal bonds of fentanyl addiction. The road to a long, healthy, and happy life lies ahead with our team of dedicated therapists.

How Can Free By The Sea Help With Fentanyl Abuse And Misuse?

Doctors at Free By The Sea have dedicated their hearts and lives to ensure nobody has to suffer from opioid abuse. That’s why there are innumerable recovery paths to choose from in your battle against addiction. Here are but a few of the ways Free By The Sea can help you with your struggle.

Attentive And Individualized Recovery Options

Free By The Sea understands every person’s struggle is different. Therefore, it takes a unique and individualized approach to overcome each specific recovery. There is no generic or one-size fits all recovery or therapy option.

In correlation, it takes the utmost attention of a caring physician to listen to your struggles and needs. Doing so allows your physician to chart the most effective approach to your individual recovery. That’s because you’re more than just a number at Free By The Sea. You’re an individual who deserves freedom from your strongholds.

Tried And True Detox Methods

Detoxification from fentanyl requires direct administering, monitoring, and coaching from a caring physician. That’s why you’ll receive the most efficient and bearable detox methods to help you bear the sometimes difficult withdrawals. Even better, a doctor can help you enjoy the detox process by administering the appropriate medications and steps as directed. Your personal physician will be right by your side every step of the way. You can finally have the opportunity to enjoy the detox journey with the help of our highly-trained compassionate staff.

The Support Group You’ve Always Wanted

Free By The Sea has the strongest family-like support group you could ever want in recovery. That’s why we take the time to get to know the individual behind the struggle. We are all in this together.

It’s our job to show you you don’t have to be alone in the difficult struggle of fentanyl dependency. Let our caring family show you how achievable recovery is by reaching out to a recovery assessment specialist. You’ll be happy you joined our family-like support group to guide you on your road to recovery.

You Can Have The Freedom You Wanted At Free By The Sea

Free By The Sea is solely devoted to giving you freedom from your strongholds in recovery and beyond. That’s because our dedicated recovery specialists are about more than just giving you treatment. It’s not about giving you a paper that says you completed recovery. It’s about giving you the ability to be self-dependent beyond your recovery treatment. That is to say, they aim to be your crutch in recovery so you can be self-sufficient in your sobriety.

The greatest freedom you can have is freedom from addiction. You can have that freedom you’ve longed for with the help of the right support team at Free By The Sea. Reach out today to gain your independence from your struggles and break free from your bonds of addiction.

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