How Meth Addiction Affects My Body

How Meth Addiction Affects My Body

Methamphetamines, more commonly known as meth, are some of the most addictive illicit substances manufactured in Kitsap County and all over Washington. As a result, it is easy for occasional meth abusers to become addicted in very little time. Once an individual begins taking meth, there are a number of physical ailments that may become present. These are three of the most common signs:

Skin Conditions

There are a variety of ways that meth can affect the body. However, one of the main effects is its ability to constrict blood vessels, interfering with a steady flow of blood throughout the body. Over time, and with continued meth usage, these vessels can be completely destroyed. As blood vessels are weakened and destroyed, the body loses its ability to repair itself. This means that acne may appear, sores may develop, and the skin will lose its vibrancy and elasticity. Some individuals who take meth may also pick at the skin, due to hallucinations brought on by the drug.

Meth Mouth

Another area of the body that shows signs of meth addiction is the mouth. The use of meth causes the salivary glands to dry up. Without the necessary saliva present in the mouth, acids attack tooth enamel, causing cavities. Additionally, meth users often binge on sugary foods and drinks, while neglecting proper oral hygiene. This, combined with a variety of other side effects from methamphetamines, contributes to blackened, stained and rotting teeth, which, in many cases, cannot be saved.

Frail Body

Due to the fact that meth is a stimulant, it causes heightened physical activity, while also decreasing the desire to eat. For those looking to lose weight, this may sound ideal. However, unlike electing to maintain healthy diet and exercise, meth causes extreme weight loss. In time, meth users become a shell of their former selves, with a gaunt, frail appearance that lacks the vitality and health that was once present.

Free By The Sea Can Help

The signs of meth addiction are very visible, and in many cases, impossible to ignore. If you are seeking treatment or know someone who is, rest assured that we are here to help. At Free by the Sea, we are a co-occurring/dual diagnosis addiction recovery center committed to helping our clients fully engage in the treatment process and learn the skills they need to thrive in a life free from addiction. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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