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Although alcohol purchase and consumption is legal, it is still the most common addiction. Deaths related to alcohol are more frequent than deaths related to any other substance. This addiction is particularly dangerous because many hold the misconception that it cannot be bad for you if it is legal.


Methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, remains the area’s largest drug problem. The meth epidemic took over the west coast in the 1990s, and many locals still struggle with their methamphetamine addiction. While legislation has made it nearly impossible to manufacture meth in the United States, the drug is still available through international drug trafficking.


Marijuana dependence in Washington and Oregon has significantly increased since the legalization of the recreational drug. For some, marijuana is used as often as alcohol, but many people don’t realize its addictive potential because it is so widely used.


Opiates, often consumed in the form of heroin, are extremely addictive and highly dangerous. The risk of using these drugs is high because they are often injected intravenously with shared needles, exposing the user to viruses like HIV.

Prescription Drugs

Using prescription drugs, especially opioids, can be a slippery slope. Even if you need them and get a doctor’s prescription, they are highly addictive, and users often find themselves addicted by the time their prescription runs out. This can lead them to search for the drug from illegal dealers. Even though these drugs are sometimes recommended by a doctor, they need to be approached with caution.

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