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Cocaine is an extremely potent drug that is highly addictive. The effects of cocaine use are destructive and have ended the lives of many people. Using even once can cause permanent organ and brain damage and quite possibly, overdose resulting in death. For those individuals battling cocaine addiction, seeking addiction treatment in Spokane can be the key to taking back your life from the disease. There are a few approaches that have been proven to be effective when dealing with the physical and psychological consequences of cocaine use.

  • Neuroscience. The neuroscience institutes provide cutting edge technology in cocaine addiction treatment in Spokane. The brain and neurological systems are scanned and mapped using procedures such as neuro-feedback and SPECT to assess brain function and regulatory mechanisms. Problem areas can be identified and addressed with neuro-training and therapy. As treatment progresses, the effectiveness and progress made is measured.
  • Dual Diagnosis Approach.  Along with neuroscience, the holistic approach of dual diagnostics is implemented. Treatment methods such as therapy, lifestyle counseling and education are utilized. Physical conditions as a result of the cocaine use will be assessed, diagnosed and treated as well.

The withdrawal symptoms from cocaine abuse can last several months, depending on the amount and length of time the drug was used. The specialized program for cocaine addiction treatment in Spokane recognize the unique needs of patients and tailor each individual treatment plan to provide the needed tools to achieve complete recovery. The symptoms and root causes of addiction are not just glossed over, but identified and addressed; this gives the addict the ability to leave their addiction in the past and experience life without craving cocaine.

If you or someone you love is battling cocaine addiction, there is hope. A neuroscience center that specializes in the treatment of cocaine addiction is that hope. By gaining knowledge of their disease and achieving healing of the root causes of addiction, many patients have found they can have a complete recovery that is sustainable. They have been able to break the power of their addiction and live productive and successful lives.

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