Addiction and Premature Aging

Addiction and Premature Aging

For those suffering from a drug problem, premature aging can be a real concern. Addictions do not allow a person to stop using without help, even when watching their body deteriorate. Drugs cause significant stress on the body and affect the pulmonary and cardiac system, as well as the health of the teeth, lymph, and skin. In most instances, the effects and premature aging caused by an addiction cannot be reversed. Seeking help for addiction as soon as possible can help prevent these effects on your body and appearance.

Consequences of Smoked Drugs on Your Body

Many of the most popular street drugs are smoked. Drugs that smoked contain high concentrations of carcinogens as well as a multitude of other toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals and carcinogens can cause serious pulmonary, renal, and cardiovascular problems such as emphysema, heart disease, kidney disorders, and other serious, life-threatening conditions.

Meth, cocaine, crack, heroin, and even marijuana, when smoked, can lead to premature aging of the skin and hair. In addition, smoke inhalation can cause skin conditions such as eczema, skin cancer, and psoriasis.

Consequences of Drug Use on Your Immune System

Drug use weakens the immune system. When certain drugs, for example, cocaine, enter the body the immune system automatically attempts to fight the drug. Over time the drugs will weaken the immune system’s ability to fight the infection, leaving the addict more venerable to illness and injury.

A weakened immune system can also mean a toxic level of drugs in the bloodstream. When an immune system is under constant stress, premature aging can begin, and life expectancy of the drug user is greatly reduced. Drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, which are often used together, can greatly increase the rate that this process occurs. To combat and prevent effects of a drug addiction, addicts and serious drug users should seek help as soon as possible.

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