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For many, the idea of recovery may conjure images of an unfriendly or unsupportive place, determined to beat out bad habits at any cost before tossing newly recovered individuals back into the world. We understand, as, unless you have been to a residential recovery facility before, you may not have much experience with the environment. You may even have some misinformation on what to expect. That is why we are here, to offer an accurate overview of what it feels like to be in recovery.


One of the main priorities of our recovery programs is to help each individual feel safe and secure. Although being away from family, friends or your normal community can be unusual, in some cases, clients feel even more at ease without the distraction of daily life. The decrease in outside distractions allows for a more engaged recovery process that fosters a focused setting in which you can commit to long-term success.


While you are enrolled in our programs, you can expect to participate in both group and individual therapy sessions. These activities create a supportive atmosphere where you can feel free to process and unpack the emotions they may be carrying, without fear of judgment or reprimand. Instead of feeling the need to hide or shoulder your burden on your own, you can rest assured that your fellow program participants and session leaders are here to help you get the most out of your stay.


One of the greatest aspects of participating in recovery is meeting individuals and hearing stories from those who have shared your experiences. Many clients feel as though their family and friends could never understand their life. This can be detrimental to close relationships and even cause some hesitation in receiving treatment. Instead of feeling like an outcast, at Free by the Sea, you will meet other individuals who can help you feel less alone in your struggle, and remind you of just how many others fully understand what you are going through. In this way, you can build confidence and regain your feeling of self-worth.

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At Free by the Sea, we believe that addiction-free life is possible for everyone. Serving clients in the Pacific Northwest, we have experience with a wide range of addictions and offer a variety of treatment programs so that our clients can live full free lives. If you have more questions about what the recovery experience is like, we are ready to help. Contact us today to find out more.

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