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Mood Disorders in Washington State

Some people who have a drug or alcohol addiction may also suffer from mood disorders. Mood disorders can be a major hindrance to treatment efforts designed to help people overcome addiction. Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder are two types of mood disorders that can negatively impact addiction recovery efforts. When a person is in these emotional states, they often self-medicate using drugs or alcohol. Ironically, abusing these substances only makes the mood disorder worse. Free by the Sea, located in the State of Washington, strives to help people with addictions find, and deal, with the mood disorder causing the substance abuse.

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Substance abuse problems and psychological disorders are connected. The interrelatedness of the two problems is often referred to as a dual diagnosis. As there is no shortage of substances that a person can abuse, there are also numerous psychological and emotional disorders. In many situations, both play a significant role in getting a dual diagnosis.

Treatment begins after a team of professionals has determined the diagnosis. It can take some time to design the appropriate treatment plan and is a multi-step process. Because of this, many treatment facilities will put their efforts into identifying a primary disorder. All other illnesses that exist get ignored. Free by the Sea does not take this approach. We are aware of the benefits a dual diagnoses can have on a person. Dual diagnosis is necessary for treatment to be a success and the only way to guarantee total healing. When the other diagnoses remain untreated, there is a strong chance that the person will relapse. Focusing only on treating the primary diagnosis allows the emotional issues to hide behind the drug or alcohol abuse. Of utmost importance is treating the diagnoses at the same time. Using this approach will help ensure recovery and prevent relapse.

There are three psychological or emotional illnesses that are commonly found in people with substance abuse issues.

1. Mood Disorders

People with bipolar disorder, depression, or other types of mood disorders often try to alleviate the pain by self-medicating using drugs and alcohol.

2. Anxiety Disorders

Some people walk around in a constant state of panic. People with anxiety disorder often appear to be restless and have difficulty sleeping. When they do get to sleep, they experience nightmares. People with anxiety disorders often have headaches and an upset stomach.

Here is a list of some of the most common anxiety disorders:

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): People with this often engage in intrusive, ritualistic behavior. For example, a person with a fear of germs will repeatedly wash their hands in an attempt to remove germs that may or may not exist.
  • Panic Disorders: People with this disorder will experience a sudden feeling of terror even with no real threat present. The fear can manifest itself physically when sufferers experience an increased heart rate, dizziness, and tightness in their chest.
  • Phobia: One in ten people have some type of phobia. Phobias are irrational fears associated with certain situations or objects. If the sufferer is in the presence of a trigger, they will feel a strong sense of anxiety.

3. Trauma

A traumatic life event can cause a person to have psychological and substance abuse issues. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is caused by traumatic situations and affects how a sufferer reacts to normal situations.

Substance Abuse Complicates Underlying Issues

People with mood disorders often feel alone and without solutions. A significant number of people will use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Even though self-medication never yields positive results, people will try to use this method as a solution to their problems. However, when the underlying psychological issues are not treated, self-medication will become abuse.

Free by the Sea is located in the State of Washington. We understand how a person’s social, physical, mental, and spiritual health is adversely impacted by the combination of psychological disorders and the abuse of drugs and alcohol. To adequately treat addiction, we must also treat a person’s mind and spirit. Even though circumstances may be different from one person to the next, there is something that will never change. The connection between substance abuse and psychological disorders produces damaging results. Free by the Sea helps people in the recovery process by helping them turn away from behaviors that facilitate addictive conditions. We deal with each component of a dual diagnoses simultaneously to achieve the best recovery results.

Our treatment process does not only involve medical treatment and therapy; it emphasizes the use of expressive therapies. This approach allows our clients to set positive goals that will prevent relapse. Free by the Sea does not force our clients through the recovery process. We allow our clients to move gradually toward recovery. Our clients learn more about themselves and addiction in a manner that does not make them feel anxious. We offer one of the best treatment programs, and our staff has knowledge and experience dealing with dual diagnoses. It is our goal to help individuals through their recovery process to find their inner strength.

Why Choose Free by the Sea?

Free by the Sea is a beautiful campus, located on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park, WA. Our community of dedicated professionals are committed to provide care to all individuals with dignity and respect. Client centered care respectful of individual needs and concerns is the foundation of our approach. We adhere to evidence-based practices which are focused on successful outcomes for long term recovery. Services provided include:

  • 77 treatment beds.
  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselors, including licensed Mental Health Therapists.
  • High quality evidence-based addiction treatment, including gambling.
  • DBT, CBT, EMDR and trauma informed treatment addresses underlying issues of addiction that include depression, anxiety, self-esteem and relationships.
  • Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Addiction education provided in groups and individual sessions
  • Twelve step meetings include celebrate recovery, wellbriety, dual disorder and AA/NA/GA
  • We offer residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care.
  • Peaceful and safe setting located on five acres facing the Pacific Ocean.
  • Multi-sport areas that include volleyball/basketball courts and an exercise room.
  • Nutritionally designed meals to restore health

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Free by the Sea is a nationally recognized rehab facility located in the State of Washington. We provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation to women and men who require help in treating their mood disorders. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in treating your mood disorder. 

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